Progress > Perfection: If you’re a perfectionistic, a black-and-white or all-or-nothing thinker when it comes to nutrition and movement, the disruption to routine and anxiety caused by COVID-19 is going to be tough. Even more so if you had a big nutrition and/or fitness goal beforehand. Use this time to focus on what you can […]

Today, I really wanted to share some thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic may be effecting your day to day nutrition and some things you may be able to do to overcome these. I hope you find it useful. In times where life is a little stressful and crazy, I think it is so important […]

There are times when getting a meal on the table just seems like a huge, insurmountable effort… am I right? It is often all too easy to grab some take away on the way home from work, grab some lunch out while you’re doing your chores or eat toast (any time of day!). And while […]

I recently encountered a client with an ‘MTHFR gene mutation’ – a genetic condition that affects up to 30-50% of our population. Chances are – if you DO have it – you don’t know. This isn’t necessarily a problem – as the mutation comes with different degrees of severity. What is MTHFR all about? MTHFR […]

Bloating has to be the most common gut symptom we hear people report. And this isn’t surprising – because bloating is NORMAL. You eat, food travels down via the oesophagus, gets tossed around in your tum and makes its way to your small and then large intestine where your gut bacteria have a feeding frenzy […]

Ever heard that chocolate is good for you (or hoped)? Well, this is at least in part true, due to its fantastic disease-fighting phytochemical content! What are phytochemicals? Phytochemicals are a group of tens of thousands of plant chemicals (with likely more not yet discovered). They are not necessarily essential to your body’s day-to-day functions […]

One of the five core food groups in Australia (and many other developed countries around the world) is dairy. This group includes milk, yogurt and cheese and all of the alternative to these foods as well (products made from soy, coconut, nuts etc). Even though this group of foods has been extensively researched and is […]

I was unfortunately not lucky enough to have a sourdough starter passed down to me from a bread-making grandparent. But, I recently learnt how easy it is to make your very own sourdough starter – a fact that really surprised me! The best part of all is that it requires no fancy ingredients – just […]

More than 700,000 Aussie women and girls are living with endometriosis. A lack of research into, and understanding of the condition often leads to delays in diagnosis – with some women waiting up to 12 years for a diagnosis! This is an awful amount of time to be suffering with an undiagnosed condition. Thus, we […]

The benefits of fermented foods are reported to be anything from improving your gut health and immunity to reducing risk of chronic disease and improved mood. So, should you be eating them? What is a fermented food? Fermentation is a natural process via which live bacteria and/or yeast pre-digest (ferment) the sugar or starch in […]