Are you eating well and training hard but just not getting the results you are after? Have you considered that you might need MORE FOOD… this can be a really foreign concept to some people but it is a strategy that I often use to help people reach their goals! Taking the time to listen […]

In this article we are looking at packaged foods and what to look for on the label. Ideally, our diets would be made up mostly of unpackaged foods (ie. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds etc). But In reality, we do consume some packaged foods in our day to day diet and that is ok! […]

Weight loss has always been a key area for nutrition research and we talk about it A LOT with clients. It is such a common goal and there is so much misinformation around that people are still so confused about what works and what doesn’t. A recent study has come out confirming what we need […]

This August (2019) The Heart Foundation (THF) released updated advice on dairy, meat & eggs for promoting heart health & preventing/managing Type 2 Diabetes! You may have seen news articles promoting these new guidelines as – ‘you can now eat as much butter as you want!’ – which is a huge misinterpretation of these guidelines. Because […]

Breakfast cereals are easy, convenient and can be also healthy. So what cereals am I talking about? (sorry you won’t find fruit loops or coco pop listed here haha!) Cereals have copped a bad rap for being unhealthy, but they can be a great option for breakfast as they are added with essential vitamins and […]

Probiotics have been around for centuries, but they are now exploding in popularity. There isn’t any strong evidence that probiotics confer a significant benefit for healthy people, but there are studies showing certain strains can help with certain health conditions. What exactly is a probiotic? Many of us might already know that probiotics are beneficial […]

Assessing your pantry is one of the first steps to making a healthy and nourishing diet easier. Filling your house with healthy ingredients you actually want to eat, putting healthy food at eye-level and potentially removing or changing the location of ‘sometimes’ foods is key to setting up for success!   Here we share just […]

When you think of soy what do you picture? Soy sauce?! The most whole source of soy is in fact the soybean (or also known as edamame) and from this we can make many products such as, tofu, tempeh, soymilk, miso, soy sauce and soy protein. Soy has many health benefits and is one of […]

Plant Sources of Protein: Fuelling our bodies and providing protein for recovery is important, especially if we are training or competing in sports. Protein has been particularly hyped lately, with huge amounts of money being  spent on protein powder, protein bars and supplements to increase our intake. But what if you can get adequate protein […]

What are they? Eating Disorders are a serious mental illness that has sadly doubled for both men and women in the last 10 years. This illness has devastating impacts on the individuals physical, psychological and social wellbeing and on top of that is the leading cause of death for any mental illness. There isn’t one […]