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What do we specialise in?

Sports Nutrition

We combine evidence based practice and practical experience, to provide individualised and effective nutrition advice and plans.

Health and Wellbeing

We use a broad range of approaches to develop a nutrition plan that is tailored to you, to improve your health outcomes and achieve your personal goals.

Body Composition Analysis

This is a physical assessment involving the measurement of skin folds, weight and girths, which can be used in the development of a targeted nutrition program.

Our services

Are you…

  • looking to optimise your performance at training or in competition
  • lacking energy or motivation to train
  • needing help to manage or manipulate your body composition
  • experiencing gut issues during and around training
  • wanting to improve your general health and well being for everyday life
  • wanting to develop a strategic nutrition plan for your next event or competition
  • just wanting a check in and have a chat about your goals

Who do we work with?

  • athletes of all ages and abilities
  • everyday exercising individuals
  • professional and semi professional sporting teams
  • local clubs and sporting organisations
  • people just starting out with their health and fitness journey

How can we help you?

Face to Face Consultations

Come in and see our accredited and experienced Sports Dietitian for one on one assessments, planning and management of your nutrition.

Online Services

Easy to access, online nutrition services and packages for your convenience.

Group Presentations

Tailored nutrition presentations and workshops to suit the needs of you sporting club, work place or school group.

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Group Coaching Session: April 2020

Each month, we will be hosting a group coaching session within our Facebook Group and posting the notes here for your reference. QUESTION 1 So what do we look at on the nutrition panel? I’ve currently got two Carmen brand bars. Fruit free muesli bar on the left and the more yummy salted caramel nut […]

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CrossFit: Food for Performance

Historically, the CrossFit dietary prescription focuses on the Zone and Paleolithic diets, and more recently, we have seen the Ketogenic diet becoming popular. There’s no evidence that these diets result in superior performance in CrossFit, and in fact the opposite is likely true. What these diets have in common – is a tendency for reduced […]

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Nutrition, Movement & COVID-19

Progress > Perfection: If you’re a perfectionistic, a black-and-white or all-or-nothing thinker when it comes to nutrition and movement, the disruption to routine and anxiety caused by COVID-19 is going to be tough. Even more so if you had a big nutrition and/or fitness goal beforehand. Use this time to focus on what you can […]