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What is a Body Composition Analysis?

This physical assessment involves the measurement of skin folds (fat mass), weight and girths. The analysis is conducted by an ISAK qualified Anthropometrist, who has completed the relevant training, assessment and has the practical experience to not only take these measures but most importantly, interpret the results in a thorough and meaningful way.

This analysis is useful in tailoring a targeted nutrition program to assist with reducing fat mass and/or increasing lean muscle mass; utilising the latest proven Sports Nutrition principles to complement training programs.


Did you know that Embody Nutrition specialises in Sports Nutrition services?

Accredited Sports Dietitians are one of the few dietetic specialties that not only require additional training, but are also governed by separate association, requiring continued learned and development to maintain their accreditation. Sports Dietitians Australia’s (SDA) accredited members (that’s me!) are qualified to assist both teams and athletes to perform at their very best in both a safe and ethical way.

The role of an Accredited Sports Dietitian is to maximise performance through nutrition, by providing practical strategies and guidelines as well as support to athletes and their coaches regarding the strategic timing of food and fluids.

The use of supplements at key times will be driven by clear, evidence based supplement policies and protocols. Sports Dietitian’s can also play a key role in the management of body composition, to help athletes achieve and maintain individualised targets to enhance performance and minimise injury risk.