Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?Hello, My names Bruce (Finding Nemo reference). I work as an Exercise Physiologist at BaiMed Performance Centre as well as coach at CrossFit Wollongong. Outside of my work and coaching I train and compete as a CrossFit athlete.I compete year round in various competitions. Most recently […]

A brand new study from Stanford University has recently been published and the results are hitting headlines everywhere. In the study, the authors compared a low fat diet to a low carb diet, to see which was more effective for weight loss, over a 12 month period. They also tested for genetics and insulin sensitivity […]

When it comes to health, fitness or weight loss, many people know what they should do to reach their goals. However, for many people, putting that into practice is often much easier said than done. Why is it so hard to do things that we know are going to help us achieve our goals? There […]

With the triathlon season in full swing and some big upcoming local events, I thought I would tackle some common questions that I get asked regarding nutrition for triathlons. Is my training diet important? YES! A triathletes training diet will be highly individual, depending on the length of the course they are training for and […]

As we approach the Christmas and New Year period, our fitness and nutrition often take a back seat. This period is often characterised by over eating, drinking too much, and general over indulgence. The Christmas and New Year period is a great time to spend with your friends and family, however this does not have […]

A nutritious diet is key to living a happy, healthy and positive life. However many people struggle to overcome the barriers associated with healthy eating, which includes time to prepare meals, limited cooking skills or motivation to consume nutritious food when there are other (less nutritious) options available. For some people, a meal delivery service […]

While fibre may be the least trendy topic floating around in the nutrition world, it is something I find myself educating my clients about all the time. Not only is fibre essential for good health and optimal body function, it has been shown to have a powerful effect on weight management. Fibre is classified as […]

This physical assessment involves the measurement of skin folds (fat mass), weight and girths. The analysis is conducted by an ISAK qualified Anthropometrist, who has completed the relevant training, assessment and has the practical experience to not only take these measures but most importantly, interpret the results in a thorough and meaningful way. This analysis is useful in tailoring a targeted […]