10 Everyday Snack Ideas

snack ideas

People are always asking us about snack ideas – things to take to work, things to have at home in the cupboard, snacks that they can have every day.

Now here’s the thing with snacks – similar to your main meals, there is no reason that you need an endless variety of fancy pants, Instagram worthy snacks available in your household 24/7. If you love being in the kitchen and whipping up snacks ahead of time, that is absolutely cool with us.

But if you’re like most of our clients, you just need a few go-to, nutritious foods that you can consume between meals to help keep you full and satisfied. That’s it!

Here are 10 snack ideas that fit that brief beautifully:

  1. Fruit – amazing on it’s own or paired with a little cheese or peanut butter if you need something more filling
  2. Yoghurt – look for a Greek or natural yoghurt that is high in protein and low in added sugar (or preferably no added sugar)
  3. Nuts and seeds – perfect as a stand alone snack or pop into your yoghurt for some extra crunch
  4. Wholegrain crackers – top these with cheese, avocado, hommus or peanut butter for a delicious and filling snack
  5. Hommus with crackers – make your own little party plate by adding some vege stick to this as well
  6. Popcorn – this is a great snack (especially if you are a ‘picker’) but just keep in mind that popcorn is not very energy dense so if you are really hungry, this may not fill you up enough on its own
  7. Smoothie – this can be a perfect snack to slot in post workout as well! Use milk, yoghurt and some fruit as a base; the options are endless
  8. Boiled eggs – these can be a great snack on their own but can also be perfect as a ‘mini meal’ if you need something a little more substantial. Just pair with a piece of grainy toast
  9. A good quality muesli bar – these can be a great option to pop into your bag (and leave for a week – just me?) to have something on hand for those times where you are out and about and need something very convenient
  10. Coffee – finally, your milk based coffee can definitely count as a snack! It may be all you need to tide you over between breaky and lunch