Tailored nutrition presentations

Embody Nutrition can tailor a presentation to suit your group, workplace, sporting team or club. We aim to work collaboratively with your organisation to ensure we are meeting your brief and providing the most relevant and engaging presentation possible.

We come to you

Embody Nutrition is able to come to your location; whether that is in the office, outdoors, at the gym or sporting ground, we can work with the facilities that you have available. Alternatively, we can arrange a location for you, if this is required.

Extra, extra!

Do you want to provide your group with something extra? Why not add some extras to your nutrition talk with a cooking demonstration or class, targeted nutrition activities (designing plans, reading nutrition labels etc) or a guided tour through the supermarket. Embody Nutrition is also able to provide other fantastic professionals to give your workshop another dimension – why not add a yoga class, an exercise class or get informed on a another topic that would benefit your group.


Online Consultations

You can have your initial assessment and review consultations all within the comfort of your own home or workplace with our online consultations via Skype or FaceTime.

Sports Performance Package

This is for anyone looking to develop and implement a nutrition plan with ongoing support, accountability and flexibility. The package includes an initial consultation (online or in person), a tailored nutrition plan (this could be sports specific, behaviour focused, macronutrient based or a combination of all 3), fortnightly check-in via email and a review consultation (online or in person) at the end of the 3 month period.

Embody Membership

This is the ultimate ‘have your Sports Dietitian on hand at all times‘ type of membership. Consultations on demand, unlimited email access, ongoing body composition analysis, development of nutrition plans with ongoing adaptation to suit different training phases or change in goals are all included! If you want your Sports Dietitian to work for you, and be on hand when you need them to most, then this membership is for you. Minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

Initial Consultation (45-60mins)

The initial consultation involve a comprehensive dietary assessment where you will be asked a number of questions about to your current lifestyle, eating habits, cooking skills, medical history as well as activity levels and training goals. All relevant information will be taken into account when providing you with the most up to date, evidenced based nutrition information to assist you in reaching your goals.

Review Consultation (20-30mins)

Follow up consultations will ensure that you stay on track towards reaching your goals. You will continue to receive ongoing nutrition education and support as well as addressing any issues that may arise along the way.

Body Composition Analysis

This is a physical assessment involving the measurement of skin folds (fat mass), weight and girths. The analysis is conducted by an ISAK qualified Anthropometrist, who has completed the relevant training, assessment and has the practical experience to not only take these measures but most importantly, interpret the results in a thorough and meaningful way.

Sports Nutrition

We combine evidence based practice and practical experience, to provide individualised and effective nutrition advice and plans.