What are artificial sweeteners? Artificial sweeteners are used to replace sugar generally because they are low calorie or contain no calories, so impart no calories to the food or the drink that they’re added to. There’s a couple of ways that this is possible. Artificial sweeteners are much, much sweeter than sugar, so only a […]

I recently encountered a client with an ‘MTHFR gene mutation’ – a genetic condition that affects up to 30-50% of our population. Chances are – if you DO have it – you don’t know. This isn’t necessarily a problem – as the mutation comes with different degrees of severity. What is MTHFR all about? MTHFR […]

If you’re a traveling athlete (OR just an active travel-loving individual), having strategies to manage travel fatigue and jet lag, and having thought ahead about your food choices can minimise the challenges of travel. This is even more important if you are competing in your sport soon after arriving. Jet lag, illness or inappropriate food […]

Ever heard that chocolate is good for you (or hoped)? Well, this is at least in part true, due to its fantastic disease-fighting phytochemical content! What are phytochemicals? Phytochemicals are a group of tens of thousands of plant chemicals (with likely more not yet discovered). They are not necessarily essential to your body’s day-to-day functions […]

One of the five core food groups in Australia (and many other developed countries around the world) is dairy. This group includes milk, yogurt and cheese and all of the alternative to these foods as well (products made from soy, coconut, nuts etc). Even though this group of foods has been extensively researched and is […]

More than 700,000 Aussie women and girls are living with endometriosis. A lack of research into, and understanding of the condition often leads to delays in diagnosis – with some women waiting up to 12 years for a diagnosis! This is an awful amount of time to be suffering with an undiagnosed condition. Thus, we […]

In October we attended the Sports Dietitian Australia Conference in Melbourne. This year it was all about training in the heat, hydration and sodium. On the back of this (and in light of the weather heating up!), we have put an article together about taking care of your hydration in the heat. What happens when […]

Weight loss has always been a key area for nutrition research and we talk about it A LOT with clients. It is such a common goal and there is so much misinformation around that people are still so confused about what works and what doesn’t. A recent study has come out confirming what we need […]

This August (2019) The Heart Foundation (THF) released updated advice on dairy, meat & eggs for promoting heart health & preventing/managing Type 2 Diabetes! You may have seen news articles promoting these new guidelines as – ‘you can now eat as much butter as you want!’ – which is a huge misinterpretation of these guidelines. Because […]

Probiotics have been around for centuries, but they are now exploding in popularity. There isn’t any strong evidence that probiotics confer a significant benefit for healthy people, but there are studies showing certain strains can help with certain health conditions. What exactly is a probiotic? Many of us might already know that probiotics are beneficial […]