our approach

Our Approach

It sounds very cliche, but when it comes to nutrition (particularly sports nutrition), there is no one approach that will work for every single client. Nutrition advice needs to be individualised to meet the needs of the client, and this is the whole premise behind the work we do at Embody. We want every client to leave their session with a plan of action and knowing exactly what they need to do to achieve it. For some people, this may include a whole nutrition plan and for others it may just be one or two focus areas to work towards.

The clientele at Embody includes a whole range of athletes, from junior to masters, active individuals to elite, as well as sporting teams and clubs. Our areas of specialty include manipulation of body composition (including increasing muscle mass, fat loss, bodybuilding preparation and cutting to make weight), weight management (including support through the behaviour change process, which can be really difficult to undergo alone) as well as management of chronic disease or illness in conjunction with your training or exercise. Read more about Embody Nutrition Consulting services.

The road to achieving your desired goals may not always be straight forward, but our aim is to not only provide you with the education you need to get there, but to be the support that you need along the way.