Embody Nutrition Membership

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate nutrition information, as well as inspiration to get you on track with your goals, you’ve come to the right place.

This membership gives you access to our Members Hub which is already packed full of nutrition goodness and is expanding every month. This is where we keep all of our favourite nutrition resources that are designed to educate and inspire you in the areas of sports nutrition, disordered and emotional eating and gut health.

Think information PDFs, weekly meal plans, a video hub full of short clips (<20mins) that cover a huge range of topics as well as our longer, more in depth webinars.

We have also included all of our paid eBooks (available from our online shop) for our members to access as apart of this package.

As well as all of the nutrition stuff, we have an ever growing recipe library with all of our favourite meal and snack recipes for you to try. You can browse through these for inspiration or simply use the ingredient search to look for a recipe that uses your specific ingredient you have on hand (like chicken or eggs for example).

If you’re keen on nutrition and you love to learn, this is the membership for you. We know you’re busy so we’ll also send you a monthly email updating you on the newest additions to the hub so you’ll never miss a thing.

It is our most affordable offering and you can cancel at anytime.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

You can sign up now below for immediate access. If you think this sounds great, but you’re also after a personalised nutrition plan with accountability and support, you might like to check out our Premium Membership here.