Our Top 5 Breakfast Cereal Picks

Breakfast cereal review

Breakfast cereals are easy, convenient and can be also healthy. So what cereals am I talking about? (sorry you won’t find fruit loops or coco pop listed here haha!)

Cereals have copped a bad rap for being unhealthy, but they can be a great option for breakfast as they are added with essential vitamins and minerals and contain wholegrains to help increase our daily fibre intake. Even better is pairing your cereal with milk or yoghurt, as this can increase our protein intake and help us stay fuller for longer!

Here are some tips to help you when you are looking for a healthy breakfast cereal:

  • High fibre: Cereals listing 10g fibre per 100g are a great option because it can help you feel fuller for longer and help with regular bowel movements
  • Wholegrains: Looking for cereals that contain more than 50% wholegrains can help increase the fibre content and help feed our gut bugs for a healthy digestive system
  • Looking for added sugars: choosing cereals with less than 15g of sugar per 100g – but also being aware that some cereals include dried fruit (sultanas, dried apple etc) which can contribute to the sugar content

Here is a review of the top 5 breakfast cereals on the market at the moment:


Cereal Protein Fibre Added Sugars
Weet-Bix – 2 biscuits

12.4g/100g 11g/100g 3.3g/100g
All Bran – ½ cup

13.9g/100g 28g/100g 16.7g/100g
Carmen’s Fruit free Muesli – 1/2 cup

14.6g/100g 9.6g/100g 8.0g/100g
Freedom Foods Barley Plus – ½ cup

12.3g/100g 26.1g/100g 24g/100g – mainly from sultanas and apple (dried fruit)
Sunsol 10+ Natural Museli

14.3g/100g 11.9g/100g 2.0g/100g