Product Review: Crackers

With so many of us working or studying from home during lockdown, our pantries have never been more accessible. The temptation to go to the kitchen when having a break from the computer is one that most of us have been prone to.

Crunchy snacks are popular options to reach for, but these are often ‘empty calories’ which don’t contribute any nutritional value. They are often high in salt which is not good for our health long term, and don’t last too long once the packet is open!

However, there are some crackers that are low in salt and can contribute positively to our health, particularly those that are high in whole grains and fibre.

Here we go through some good crackers options you can reach for when you get hungry at home.


Arnott’s Vita-Weat 9 Grain Crispbread

Energy (cals/serve)94.3
Protein (g/serve)2.8
Carbohydrate (g/serve)14.4
Sugar (g/serve)0.4
Sodium (mg/serve)104
Dietary fibre (g/serve)2.8

Whole grains are wonderful for your health. If you don’t believe me, check out the article we’ve done on them here: Eat the Whole Grain – Embody Nutrition Consulting. In summary, whole grains provide health benefits including feeding good microbes for gut health and reducing the risk of chronic disease. So, eat up your whole grains for these benefits!

Arnott’s Vita-Weat 5 Super Seeds Crispbread

Energy (cals/serve)97
Protein (g/serve)2.9
Carbohydrate (g/serve)14
Sugar (g/serve)0.4
Sodium (mg/serve)106
Dietary fibre (g/serve)2.8

As well as the benefits of whole grains, these crackers contain flaxseed, poppy seeds, sesame, pumpkin, and chia seeds. The addition of these seeds means the crackers not only provide whole grains and fibre, but also Omega-3 fats which are essential for the functioning of cells in your body.

Corn Thins

Real Foods Corn Thins Soy And Linseed

Energy (cals/serve)70
Protein (g/serve)1.9
Carbohydrate (g/serve)7.7
Sugar (g/serve)0.1
Sodium (mg/serve)24
Dietary fibre (g/serve)1.5

Corn thins are another great option which are low in salt and sugar, but still have that crispy and tasty texture we all love. Try them on their own for a popcorn-tasting snack or add your favourite toppings for some extra flavour.

Real Foods Sesame Corn Thins

Energy (cals/serve)69
Protein (g/serve)1.9
Carbohydrate (g/serve)12.6
Sugar (g/serve)0.1
Sodium (mg/serve)41
Dietary fibre (g/serve)1.5

Corn thins are great as a snack, but they are so versatile and can be used to make a quick lunch as well. Simply put a lean protein (such as canned fish) and some salad on a few corn thins and lunch is ready to go – too easy!


Ryvita Multigrain

Energy (cals/serve)75
Protein (g/serve)2.7
Carbohydrate (g/serve)11.7
Sugar (g/serve)0.8
Sodium (mg/serve)50
Dietary fibre (g/serve)3.6

You may notice Ryvita’s have higher dietary fibre per serve than the other options we’ve included, which makes it a wonderful option if that is one of your nutrition goals. Fibre is great for gut health as well as keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Ryvita Original

Energy (cals/serve)68.4
Protein (g/serve)1.7
Carbohydrate (g/serve)13.3
Sugar (g/serve)0.6
Sodium (mg/serve)58
Dietary fibre (g/serve)3

If you’re more a fan of original than multigrain, we’ve got you covered. The original Ryvitas are still a good source of dietary fibre whilst keeping the sodium low. Put some cheese, spreads or toppings on these and away you go!

If you’d like more ideas for healthy snacks, have a look at our article here: 10 Everyday Snack Ideas – Embody Nutrition Consulting. And as always, if you would like some personalised dietary advice, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!