Minimal Prep Meals

minimal prep meals

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There are times when getting a meal on the table just seems like a huge, insurmountable effort… am I right?

It is often all too easy to grab some take away on the way home from work, grab some lunch out while you’re doing your chores or eat toast (any time of day!).

And while there is nothing wrong with any of these things on occasion, doing this all the time is going to take a toll on your health.

This is where you need some minimal prep meals.

Meals that you know you can throw together in 5 minutes (or less!), that you know will still provide you with great nutrition and will be super satisfying.

What to include:

The components of a ‘throw together’ meal should be the same as any other…


Virtually everything in our body is made up of protein – so you could say it is pretty important. Most of us know it is key for muscle maintenance and growth, and it is also essential for a strong immune system, and satiety.

To ensure you’re getting enough, aim to include a quality source of protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Carbohydrate is the preferred energy source for your brain. We would never ‘cut carbs’ out of our diets – and there are so many reasons not to. Carbohydrates boost satiety, fuel exercise, promote a good mood and feed your good gut bacteria.

It’s about choosing quality carbohydrates in appropriate amounts – 1/4 – 1/3 of your plate is a good starting place. Always try to include some carbohydrate around exercise.

Vegetables or Salad

At least half of your meals should be filled with vegetables or salad – ones that you enjoy! These provide us with vitamins and minerals for good health, as well as lots of fibre to help fill you up and keep you satisfied.

Add as many different colours as possible!

We have developed a whole heap of quick and easy, minimal prep meal ideas for you to try. You can grab it HERE.

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