Iron is a key mineral for performance in athletes, yet iron deficiencies are widespread. Iron has several roles in the body, including: Transport / delivery of oxygen (e.g. to your working muscles) Energy production Cognitive function Immune function Athletes are at a greater risk of being iron-deficient, especially female athletes, with up to 35% deficient […]

What is it? RED-S is a syndrome where the underlying problem is inadequate energy to support normal, healthy bodily functions. Some of these functions, including metabolic rate, protein synthesis, menstrual function, bone health, immunity and cardiovascular health, become compromised in athletes, which in turn effects both performance and health. Low energy availability occurs through either […]

Historically, the CrossFit dietary prescription focuses on the Zone and Paleolithic diets, and more recently, we have seen the Ketogenic diet becoming popular. There’s no evidence that these diets result in superior performance in CrossFit, and in fact the opposite is likely true. What these diets have in common – is a tendency for reduced […]

If you’re a traveling athlete (OR just an active travel-loving individual), having strategies to manage travel fatigue and jet lag, and having thought ahead about your food choices can minimise the challenges of travel. This is even more important if you are competing in your sport soon after arriving. Jet lag, illness or inappropriate food […]

In October we attended the Sports Dietitian Australia Conference in Melbourne. This year it was all about training in the heat, hydration and sodium. On the back of this (and in light of the weather heating up!), we have put an article together about taking care of your hydration in the heat. What happens when […]

Are you eating well and training hard but just not getting the results you are after? Have you considered that you might need MORE FOOD… this can be a really foreign concept to some people but it is a strategy that I often use to help people reach their goals! Taking the time to listen […]

There are benefits to tracking your skinfolds and measurements when following a structured nutrition program. In this case study you can see how weight and body fat do not always align as you might think. Even if monitoring your body composition is not the best option for you (and for many it is not!), this […]

There are a few nutrition considerations to think about if you’re recovering from an exercise-induced injury. These kind of injuries can range from being out of play for a few days, to weeks, months or even years of recovery time. What we’re going to focus on in today’s article is on the slightly more severe […]

Preventing muscle cramping is a popular topic among the exercising community, and if you’ve ever experienced the discomfort of an unexpected cramp, it’s easy to understand why. If you have been lucky enough to evade muscle cramps, they are generally defined as a sudden, involuntary and painful contraction of a muscle. In the healthy adult […]

When commencing a new training program or increasing your current program, it is important to think about the additional demands that are placed on the body for fuel. This article really focuses on training for an endurance event, however, the principles can be applied to many different sporting events or programs. The signs that your […]