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Are you looking for a meal delivery service?

A nutritious diet is key to living a happy, healthy and positive life. However many people struggle to overcome the barriers associated with healthy eating, which includes time to prepare meals, limited cooking skills or motivation to consume nutritious food when there are other (less nutritious) options available.

For some people, a meal delivery service can really fill this void, and the market has grown so much in the last few years that there are some fantastic options available.

Now, I could tell you all about these services based on the info they provide on their websites, but I haven’t actually tried any myself. Cue introduction to my superstar reviewer, Ben… my brother! I have asked Ben to review the services he has used over the last few months to give you an insider view on what he liked and didn’t like about them.

Why did you decide to use a meal service?

It is all about convenience. They deliver in an esky with ice packs whilst you are at work once a week.
Working a minimum of 60 hours a week, it gave us an extra few hours each week where we didn’t have to shop, or prepare dinner when we get home from work.
Foober was great for weight loss & allergies. I lost 20kgs in 12 weeks before my wedding (pictured below) with Foober & gym, and didn’t feel like I was on a diet.

It actually saved us money too. It limited our dinners out to 1 or 2 per week, plus not purchasing lunch. It doesn’t matter if I have all the good intentions at the start of the day to eat healthy, once I get to lunch & cant decide what to eat, occasionally KFC in the food court wins. This takes that out of the equation!

You Foodz is a great alternative if it is for convenience & portion control. Definitely has all healthy options and some great meals like buffalo chicken pizza with ranch sauce! It didn’t feel at all like I was skimping on the foods I love. And I always felt full. The customer service was by far the best & they were always throwing in free meals to try.

Meal Service


Things you love

Things you don’t love






BREKKY:  approx $5

DINNER: $10-$13

Dairy & Wheat Free, great for allergies etc

Awesome flavour & variety

Low calories & Carbs all labelled

Didn’t feel like I was on a Diet

Sometimes inconsistent with flavour








BREKKY:  $5-$10

DINNER: $9-$10

Customer Service

Well marketed

Food was great once you knew your fav meals to order

More like the food I love!!! Lots of sauces & condiments

Great for convenience and follows a portion controlled meal plan, but not as healthy as the other two, if weight loss is the number one goal








BREKKY:  approx $7

DINNER: $11-13

Food was good for portion control & weight loss

Well cooked meat

Not as much variety

No where near as much flavour as the other 2

Bland & boring accompaniments to the meat