5 Simple Breakfast Ideas

Eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast can be such a great way to start your day, but how often have you just grabbed a piece of toast on the way out the door? Or relied on your morning coffee to get you through?

If you’re a breakfast lover (like us!), it pays to spend just a few minutes of your time planning a breakfast that is going to leave you feeling satisfied and energised for the morning ahead.

There are few different things that we want to see in a top notch breaky…

  1. Does it have some protein? This will help to keep you fuller for longer, as well as help balance out your protein intake over the day. Some examples include dairy foods such as milk or yoghurt, eggs or beans.
  2. Is there a source of fibre? We know that fibre is so important for our bowel health but it is also an important nutrient for satiety (fullness) and our gut health. Some foods high in fibre could include wholegrain foods such as bread or oats.
  3. Have you added some fruit or vegetables? Breakfast is a great chance to get some extra fruit and/or vegetables in! These foods are not only high in fibre, but they are rich in vitamins and minerals as well.

Here are our go-to, quick and easy breaky ideas

Muesli and Fruit

Could it get any simpler?

Pick a muesli, add some milk or yoghurt, and top with your favourite chopped fruit – done!

Overnight Oats

This is such a great option if you are short on time and need to prep your breaky the night before.

Mix together some oats, seeds (your could use chia, sunflower etc) and your milk of choice.

You could then add anything to spice it up a little – think peanut butter, chopped dates, honey, cocoa powder, cinnamon etc.

Put it in an airtight container and refrigerate overnight (it will thicken up A LOT).

Serve with some fresh fruit and dollop of Greek yoghurt!


These are a great option when you are feeling like something a little sweet!

Toast your wholemeal crumpets, then top with some fresh ricotta cheese, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey.

Eggs Anyway

Eggs make for a beautiful breakfast and they are so versatile – cook them anyway you like!

Serve your eggs on some wholegrain toast and add in some vegetables as well. Think baby spinach, tomato, roasted mushrooms, zucchini – anything you have on hand.

Baked Beans

Beans are a wonderful source of fibre and protein and are a really nutritious option for breakfast.

Choose a no added sugar and salt option if available (or better yet, make your own!)

Serve the beans warm on some multigrain toast and add in some vegetables as well.

If you would like more simple meal ideas (and actual recipes!), grab our Free eBook ‘Fueling to Thrive’.